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I got my Master in translation at Institut Libre Marie Haps (Brussels) in 1975. My language pair was English-Spanish, but unfortunately, at that time, Dutch was a must in Belgium :-(

So I started a bank carreer in an institution that turned up in one of the biggest Belgian banks.

I begun in a Brussels branch (where I started improving my Dutch knowledge) before becoming a manager, in 1983. I then worked in a lot of different departments: domestic accounts, international department (correspondent banking, internatioal payments, international credit secretariat...), credit (project manager) and organisation where I finished as senior manager. In short, I touched a lot of different sectors in a bank and, in the meantime, I perfected my Dutch knowledge and added Italian to my panel.

When my carreer came to an end (too early) after 33 years, I came back to the roots and started my freelance translator in 2010.

Nowadays, I am a specialised translator in financial translations, mainly from Dutch to French (EN-15038 certified), working for both direct clients and specialised translation agencies. I do not work full time, but I can get full time involved on a specific project.

I offer you the services of a lover of the French language with a solid, varied experience, a dedicated and caring service. And a great flexibility...

So if you are interested, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Looking forward to working for (with) you,

Bruno          Moi