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That is exactly who I am — a love of languages, words, music and beauty is woven into my DNA. I use this skillset to provide you with a range of linguistic services to help you get your message across to your audience

Translation is an art, a pleasure…and a specialisation!


Thanks to my Master's degree in translation (Institut Libre Marie Haps - Brussels), the Dutch Level 1 I acquired during my career in banking and my more than 10 years as a freelance translator, I have all the assets to meet your most exacting requests.


Transcreation combines the talents of translator and editor. Not only can I translate your documents, I can also edit, rewrite, improve and enrich them according to your needs and in close cooperation with you so that your message always hits the mark!

Proofreading and correction

I can correct documents that have been translated in French so that they are free of mistakes, flow smoothly and reflect the style that suits you.


In addition to translating your corporate videos, podcasts, audio guides and other recordings, I can also do the voiceover in French. I have everything you need: the voice, the accent and the necessary equipment.